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CEPIT (Central European Park of Innovative Technologies) is located in the northeast of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

This place is becoming increasingly important internationally. As a transport hub, Bratislava is within easy reach of cities such as Budapest, Graz, Prague and Krakow and approximately 60 km from Vienna.

CEPIT is located on the northeastern outskirts of the city between Vajnory and Raca. 

Infrastructure facilities such as the motorway in the south, the international airport and freight station.

CEPIT is integrated into the road network several times via the three “portals” (west, east and north).

The bike paths along the bio corridors support the spatial movement axes.


  • The total area is 685,645 m
  • Land plots area 634,908 m2, 7th built-up to 567,570 m
  • The highest permissible height of buildings up to 30 m
  • Number of floors Ground floor + 7
  • Parking spaces 5766
  • Bio corridors and safety clearances of the infrastructure facilities: 133,838 m
  • Mixed use training, office and living towards the west and south
  • Mixed use office and special uses (school, dormitory, sports, trade fair, conference hotel) in the north
  • Production / assembling in the southwest
  • Production / Research & Development in the northwest
  • Reserve on the eastern edge


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